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Solitaire City Classic app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 4496 ratings )
Games Entertainment Card Casino
Developer: Digital Smoke LLC
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.73, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 03 Dec 2009
App size: 46.61 Mb

No ads or In-App purchases! Play Klondike solitaire, the worlds most popular solitaire/patience card game where you arrange the playing cards in descending rank of alternating colors. A two deck version called Double Klondike is also included as a bonus.

Solitaire City® Classic is a Universal App! Buy once and play it on all your iOS devices with enhanced high resolution graphics on iPads and incredible HD graphics on all devices that have Retina displays.

This is the classic version of Solitaire that most people know and love. It’s the version that ships with Windows and is also known as Klondike or just simply Patience.

Solitaire City Classic contains six variations of this extremely popular solitaire game including Deal 1, Deal 3 and Vegas scoring. Double Klondike has been included too which is the same game but played with two decks of cards instead of one.

Solitaire City’s drag and drop controls are incredibly easy to use and the silky smooth card animations, particle effects and sound effects supply countless hours of fun. What makes Solitaire City so popular though is the timed scoring system. The faster you complete a game, the higher your score. You’ll play long into the night trying to add a few points to your best score and see your name in lights on top of the Game Center leaderboards. The timer can also be turned off by those who prefer not to compete and simply wish to play a nice relaxing game of solitaire.


* No adverts or In-App purchases
* Universal iPhone/iPad App
* 6 variations of Klondike
* 3 variations of Double Klondike
* Deal 1 card
* Deal 3 cards
* Vegas scoring
* Stunning HD graphics on all Retina displays
* iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus widescreen support
* Enhanced HD graphics on iPads
* Landscape & portrait support
* Rotate the device during play to switch orientation
* Impressive graphical effects
* Timed scoring system
* Game Center online leaderboards
* Interactive training
* Suggest a move button
* Statistics
* Listen to iTunes music while playing
* Fun sound effects and sound themes
* Create your own sound themes
* Custom background graphics
* Use photos from your album or camera as a background or card back
* Choice of detailed card designs and card backs
* Replay the same game deal
* Unlimited undos
* Saves game position when the phone rings
* Left and right handed options
* Serious addiction


1) There is an option that can ask you to confirm if you want to end a game on the Settings screen. Its called "Confirm New/End" and if youre prone to accidentally hitting the New button during play then simply turn it on.

2) If you like to play Solitaire City in bed, then you can lock the display to either landscape or portrait, again from the Settings screen.

If you already own Solitaire City Deluxe™ then you don’t need to buy this Classic Edition as these six versions of Klondike are already included in the Deluxe Edition – unless you want to continue to support the developer, in which case, don’t let us get in the way of your generosity !!

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Pros and cons of Solitaire City Classic app for iPhone and iPad

Solitaire City Classic app good for

...Solitaire on the market!!! Graphics, appearance, statistics. I cant wish for more. Definitely worth the money!
I just noticed the local high scores are names of certain tv shows/movies such as Lost, or Austin Powers. Funny isnt it?
I have several games, but find im turning to this one the most as a way of killing time (awesome for waiting in line at a store!! time just flies and youre having fun). It works well, havent had any problems with its functioning, and the little comments when I hit pause are rather cute. What cost you stars: the game needs a way to restart a game/replay a lost game! Just because I lost that one doesnt mean I want to go to a completely new deal-- let me try again without having to click "undo" a million times and have negative thousands of points. I was tempted to dock you more than one star, for the frustration of "I think that game was winnable!", but since the app is otherwise a 5 I figured that wasnt fair
This is the best solitaire game I have downloaded I am addicted - worth every penny - at least you can win on it unlike other solitaire apps I have bought (which I have now deleted).
Playing against the clock is addictive. Have tried hundreds of games. This one is my keeper.
Ive used this app for many years while on the c-train. It is fun and challenging trying to beat ones score. Try it.

Some bad moments

It keeps crashing on my iPhone but works ok most of the time on my ipad
Great game just dont need to be signed in for every game Also, need more backgrounds
Ive played solitaire since I was a teenager... about 60 years ago. This version adds an element of excitement to this absorbing and addicting game which gives it a whole new dimension... and its being improved and enhanced all the time. Its the best of the electronic versions Ive played.
If you are looking for solitaire for your device this is a fabulous one!
Been playing this game since I got my very first iPad 1. Its been very stable, and is still maintained. Great functionality and very customizable. Thanks, guys!

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